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Consignment Policy



Consignment of your firearms in our store: Selling your firearm to a buyer;  


You can bring your firearm into our store to be displayed for sale. We will agree on an asking price

after examining the firearm and accessories. Please bring whatever related paperwork

or accessories you have that will sell with the item (extra magazines, holsters, ammunition, etc.).


Our fees are only 10% of the total sale price if you use the proceeds for store credit.

If you would like to be paid in-full when the item sells our fee is 20% of the total sale price. 


To find out the status of your firearm please call us Monday through Friday.

Please allow us time to look up your weapon, we are busy and it takes several minutes to look

up and review the status of your firearm. You may also inquire by email: sales@biggdoggfirearms.comit 

we will try to respond within 48 hours.


Unless noted otherwise, Bigg Dogg Firearms may accept deposits on consigned firearms and allow

up to 30 days for the buyer to pay off and pick up the firearm.


If you decide to pick up your firearm prior to it being sold, you will be required to fill out a

Federal Form 4473 and pass a Federal NICS Background Check or Washington State Check. There is a $40.00 charge for this.


Bigg Dogg Firearms will actively try to sell your firearm for a fair and reasonable price based on the

“Blue Book of Firearm Values”, any wear and tear of the firearm and any special intrinsic value.

Please let us know if the firearm is in need of any repairs so that we may make them before the sale of your firearm.

If you decide to pick-up your weapon and if any repairs have been made in order to make it operational,

the consignee shall be responsible for those repair costs.


Theory of the ATF: Unless it’s for gunsmithing: any gun that gets left at our shop gets signed into our books

which make us legally responsible for it. The store owner does not know how or where you bought it,

and if you did a background check to get it. If it’s in our shop for sale for a month, and you commit a crime or do

something that makes you unable to pass a background check, the ATF does not want the gun going back to you.