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Emergency Preparedness


Bigg Dogg Firearms is proud to be a sponser of the 3SV-ERG (Snoqualmie Valley Emergency Response Group)


Given today's political climate and events around the globe, it is never too late to start preparing. The 3SV-ERG is a group of people within your community that believe we are responsible for our own safety and security. When joining the 3SV-ERG you will learn how to start becoming self-reliant. We teach the necessary skills that will help you prevail through natural disasters and the possibility of civil unrest. It is our goal to teach our members everything from gardening, canning, food storage, to safely getting home in the event of a disaster.  

The 3SV-ERG serves the Snoqualmie Valley from Snoqualmie Pass to Issaquah. Stop by Bigg Dogg Firearms in North Bend  to get more information on how you can be apart and help serve your community or you can email 3sverg@3sv-erg.org.   Check out the website at https://www.3sv-erg.org/. 3SV-ERG is a Registered 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Corporation





This is a pretty comprehensive list of items you would want to try to keep on hand. If you can afford it and have the space you should be able to weather any situation.

These items can be a part of your Bug-out-Bag or Get-Home Bag. Build your kit dependent on your place of work relative to your house or a friends you can take save haven. 

We encourage that all persons at home remain at home so not to contribute to traffic congestion and deter any possible looters.

Under only extreme circumstances should anyone leave the safety of their residence (i.e. get kids from school).

It is highly recommended that a minimum of 60 days worth of food and water is available.  

At the sign of any disaster it is also a good idea to fill all bathtubs as full as possible. This can be boiled for drinking and cooking as well as hygeine and cleaning.



Water purification & Filter

Water storage

Water (1 gallon/person/day) 


Per Person, for one year:   (Divide by 12 for 1 month)


      ·         Wheat - 300 lbs.


·         Rice - 100 lbs.


·         Beans, Peas, Lentils, 50 lbs. each


·         Honey or Sugar - 60 lbs.


·         Salt - 3 lbs.  (Get 6 lbs to be sure)


·         Cayenne Pepper - 1 large can


·         Herbal Seasonings


·         Dried Milk - 80 lbs.


·         Peanut Butter - 50 lbs.


·         Dried Fruit


·         Canned food, or dried (ready to mix) food


·         Oatmeal - 50 lbs.


·         Oats


·         Pasta (a variety of types)


·         Vegetable oil


·         Shortening


·         Sugar


·         Cooking essentials like baking powder, baking soda, salt, and yeast


·         Canned meats, including tuna


·         Canned fruits and vegetables


·         Crackers


·         Dry cereal


·         Granola bars


·         Popcorn Kernals (non-microwave)


·         Nuts or trail mix


·         Boxed sides such as stuffing or mashed potatoes


·         Dry soup mixes


·         Powdered drink mixes




550 Cord
Ammunition for each weapon (min 200 rounds)
Anti-biotic ointment
Anti-Venom Kit
Benadryl (Allergy)
Chem Lights
Cortisone Crème
Cotton Balls
Disposable Razors
Duct Tape
Dust Masks
Emergency Blanket
Energy Bars
Female Needs
Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Kit
Fishing Equipment (line & hooks)
Garbage Bags
Good Hiking Boots
Hand Gun
Hand Sanitizer
Hat (cold weather)
Head Light
Hunting Knife
Hygiene Kit (Male/Female)
Ibuprofen (Pain Reliever)
Imodium (Diarrhea/Upset Stomach)
Latex Exam Gloves
Magnifying Glass
Mole Skin
Paper Towels
Pepper and/or Bear Spray
Plastic Storage Air Tight Bins (5Gal)
Pocket Knife
Portable Charging System (hand crank or solar)
Rain Gear
Rubbing Alcohol
Safety Pins
Salt & other spices as desired
Sewing Kits
Signal Flare
Sun Burn Crème
Survival Mirror
Toilet Paper
Tourniquet (CAT)
Vacuum Seal Kit
Water Bottles
Wet/Dry Matches
Zip Lock Bags